Kodas: NS-CC050BLACK
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The NewStar cable cover, model NS-CC050BLACK is a great choice to organise cables at AV installations. The cover easily hides 3 to 4 cables. This cable management conceals and routes cables from flat screen mount to cable outlet. Hide your cables to keep the wall nice and tidy.
This black cable cover offers 50 cm length, 4.6 cm wide and only 1.8 cm deep. Installation of this cable cover is: simply screw the 3 wall plates on the wall, organize the cables and attach the cover plate.
Need more length? Combine multiple covers to stretch the length. When necessary, the product can be shortened.

Shipping box quantity 8
Dimensions 18mmx46mmx50cm
Distance to wall 0.18 cm
Unit Brutto Volume 0.001472 cubm
Unit Gross Weight 0.25 kg
Colour Black
Vendor Homepage http://en.newstar.eu/newstar-av-mounts/cable-cover/newstar-cable-cover/
Unit Net Weight 0.18 kg
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