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The Neomounts Select NM-D775WHITEPLUS is a tilt-, swivel and rotatable desk mount for curved screens up to 49". This mount is a great choice for space saving placement on desks using a top-fix desk clamp or grommet mount.  The NM-D775WHITEPLUS mounts are specifically designed to support curved screens. They feature a strengthened head for curved screens and are designed to support a higher total capacity up to 49" and a maximum weight of 18 kg.  Neomounts Select's unique tilt (90°), rotate (180°) and swivel (180°/ 360°) technology allows the NM-PLUS mounts to change to any viewing angle for optimal use of the capabilities of the ultra-wide screen. The mount is equipped with a 180° stop mechanism. The mounts are easily adjustable in height to 59 centimetres, using a gas spring. Additionally, the mounts are also adjustable in depth, from 0 to 63 centimetres.  A unique cable management conceals and routes cables from mount to the ultra-wide screen. The NM-D775WHITEPLUS desk mounts are ideal for use in offices, on counters and in reception areas.  All installation material is included with the product.
100 mm x 100 mm Yes
Vendor Homepage www.neomounts.com/monitor/desk-mounts/nm-d775whiteplus-neomounts-by-newstar-select-monitor-desk-mount/
Unit Brutto Volume 0.01665 cubm
Unit Net Weight 4.5 kg
Shipping Box Width 12.5 cm
Unit Gross Weight 5 kg
Category Code MAS
Shipping Box Height 24 cm
Fits screens sized 10-49"
Shipping box quantity 1
Max. weight 18 kg
Shipping Box Weight 5 kg
Number of screens 1
75 mm x 75 mm Yes
Shipping Box Depth 55.5 cm
Colour White
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MONITOR ACC DESK MOUNT 10-49"/NM-D775WHITEPLUS NEOMOUNTS tai prekė esanti TV stovai, laikikliai kategorijoje.