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Approx. number of flashes 450
Approximate recycling time 0.3 s
Battery type AA
Camera brands compatibility Nikon
Colour of product Black
Colour temperature 5500 K
Compatibility i-TTL
Flash guide number 36 m
Flash memory Max. guide number 36 (meters), Max. guide number 118 (feet) for ISO 100/21° and 85 mm;TTL flash mode (digital only)1st and 2nd shutter curtain synchronisation*Manual flash exposure correction for TTL flash mode*Automatic fill-in flash GB
Flash modes Shutter curtain synchronisation, Fill-in
Gross depth (mm) 80 mm
Gross depth master carton 260 mm
Gross height (mm) 65 mm
Gross height master carton 100 mm
Gross weight 0.32 kg
Gross width (mm) 165 mm
Gross width master carton 130 mm
Lighting angle (vertical) 90 °
Net weight 0.22 kg
Net weight master carton 0.42 kg
Number of batteries supported 4
Other features The compact classPresenting the Metz mecablitz 36 AF-5C digital for Canon, 36 AF-5N digital for Nikon, 36 AF-5O digital for Olympus and Panasonic, 36 AF-5P for Pentax and 36 AF-5S for Sony Alpha, in the smart Cobra design. With these sophisticated entry-level models Metz has just the right flash solution for these digital camera user groups. In addition, they are impressive because of their easy operation. Even bounce flash becomes child’s play, due to the vertically-tilting reflector. The manuallyadjustable zoom reflector has other advantages. By adjusting the reflector to different focal lengths, the illumination angle of the 36 AF-5 digital can be optimally utilized.
Packing quantity 1 pc(s)
Producer product name 36 AF-5
Tare weight (kg) 0.1 kg
Tare weight master carton 0.36 kg
TI weight (kg) 0.092 kg
Type Slave
Volume (m3) 0.000858 m³
Warranty 12 month(s)
WEE classification CL109:5:2017-04-01
WEEE tax Yes
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