Deeper Smartphone and wireless charger Case | ITGAM0017

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Colour of product Black
Device connectivity
Dimensions mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 205x100x60mm
Embeeded battery No
Gross depth (mm) 210mm
Gross height (mm) 70mm
Gross weight 0.2kg
Gross width (mm) 120mm
Material PU, PVC, EVA
Net weight 0.14kg
Other features Splash Proof with Emergency Floating The Deeper Winter Smartphone Case 2.0 protects your phone not only from cold, but it is also fully splash proof. In the event of dropping the phone case in water, it will stay buoyant and protect it from getting wet. Note: Please do not test floating as the product is not designed to be in water for an extended period of time. The amount of buoyancy given will depend on the weight of phone/power bank inside the case. Preserves Phone Battery Our light and compact smartphone case with additional insulation will maintain your phone battery in sub-zero temperatures. The insulation panel is also attached to the case body to prevent displacement. Simple and Secure Fastening System Velcro arm strap allows safe and comfortable phone usage without impeding your movement. You no longer have to worry where to store your phone while ice fishing. Secure the case by strapping it to your arm using the velcro strap provided. It’s that simple! Fully Responsive Touchscreen The touchscreen is fully responsive to ensure you don’t have to take your phone out of the case to check your sonar scans, send messages or answer calls. Silicone pad on insulation ensures your phone doesn’t slide and remains stable inside the case.
Overall screen size (Height x Width) 8 x 16.3cm
Packing quantity 1pc(s)
Paper/Pasteboard 50g
Plastic (No PET) 10g
Producer product name Smartphone and wireless charger Case
Product type
Tare weight (kg) 0.06kg
Volume (m3) 0.001764m³
Warranty 24month(s)
WEE classification CL109:6:2017-04-01
WEEE tax Yes
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