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The OPAL is an outdoor dual technology motion detector, which is perfectly suited for application both on the outside of the protected building as well as indoors, where difficult or specific environmental conditions prevail (in halls, under umbrella roofs, etc.). The OPAL detector incorporates PIR and MW technologies, as well as antimasking function based on the microwave technology. The dual technology combined with the algorithm of detector auto-tuning to the environmental conditions ensures high immunity to false alarms and, consequently, stable operation in harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sunshine and strong gusts of air. The device offers correct operation in a wide temperature range from -40°C to +55°C, the ambient temperature changes being automatically compensated. White hermetic enclosure (IP-54), built in day and night detector, microwave anti-masking. Angle bracket and  ball-joint bracket included.

Unit Gross Weight 0.399 kg
Shipping Box Depth 17.5 cm
Category Code MDE
Shipping Box Weight 0.399 kg
Unit Brutto Volume 0.001776 cubm
Power supply requirements 12 VDC
Detector Type Motion
Operating temperature range -40...+55 °C
Dimensions 65 x 138 x 58 mm
Vendor Homepage http://www.satel.pl/en/product/812/OPAL%20Plus,Outdoor-PIR-+-MW-dual-technology-motion-detector
Detection technology Dual-tech/PIR
Shipping box quantity 1
Unit Net Weight 0.3 kg
Shipping Box Height 7 cm
Shipping Box Width 14.5 cm
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