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EN50131 Grade 3 compliant alarm control panel main board, with 16 up to 64 zones and outputs.
Russian firmware interface language.

  •     full compliance with EN50131 series of standards for Grade 3 equipment
  •     built-in advanced 2A+1,5A power supply with extended autodiagnostics
  •     up to 64zones with programmable EOL value and support for 3 EOL configuration (only mainboard zones)
  •     USB port for programming via PC
  •     up to 32 partitions, 8 tenants
  •     up to 64 fully programmable outputs
  •     dedicated buses for communication with keypads and expansion modules
  •     system operation via LCD keypads, partition keypads, remote control keyfobs or proximity cards
  •     remote system operation with PC, smartphone or voice-guided telephone menu
  •     64 independent timers for automatic control
  •     access control and home automation features
  •     non-volatile event log with 5 631 entries, with on-line printing support
  •     support for 192+8+1 user codes
  •     firmware upgrades via PC
Shipping Box Weight 0.664 kg
Max. number of outputs 64
Shipping Box Height 5.5 cm
Shipping Box Depth 29 cm
Shipping box quantity 1
Dimensions 264 x 134 mm
Shipping Box Width 15 cm
Unit Brutto Volume 0.002393 cubm
Unit Gross Weight 0.664 kg
Category Code CNP
Unit Net Weight 0.32 kg
Max. number of zones 64
Vendor Homepage http://www.satel.pl/en/produktid/806
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