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Atvyksta: 2021-10-01

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The Tracer Lightray keyboard, although designed for the needs of beginner players, is also ideal for more advanced users. The device offers access to 12 multimedia buttons, which significantly affects the comfort of use, transforming the computer into a real electronic command center.Multicolored LED backlight gives the equipment a character, and also makes evening playing sessions nicer. The product is equipped with anti-ghosting technology and WINDOWS key lock, so you can fully indulge in exciting gameplay without worrying about accidentally returning to the desktop in the least expected moment.Lightray is a full-sized keyboard based on membrane switches, providing a very high response time. It has additional anti-slip pads that provide excellent grip and pull-out supports that allow you to adjust the inclination of the keys to your preferences. The whole is complemented by a long cable with a USB plug, compatible with all computers and laptops that support this standard.
Product Description Tracer GameZone Lightray - keyboard
Device Type Keyboard
Backlit Multicolour
Interface USB
Connectivity Technology Wired
Hot Keys Qty 12
Hot Keys Function Multimedia
Numeric Keypad Yes
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