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The NewStar notebook desk mount, model NOTEBOOK-D100 is a tilt- and swivel desk mount for notebooks up to 22”. This mount is a great choice for space saving placement on desks using a desk clamp. They keyboard holder included stores extra keyboards if used.
NewStars’ unique tilt (30°) and swivel (180°) technology allows the mount to change to any viewing angle to fully benefit from the capabilities of the notebook. The mount is manually height adjustable from 0 to 26 centimetres. Depth adjustable from 0 to 57 centimetres. A unique cable management conceals and routes cables from mount to notebook. Hide your cables to keep the workplace nice and tidy.
NewStar NOTEBOOK-D100 has two pivot points and is suitable for notebooks up to 22" (55 cm). The weight capacity of this product is 15 kg each notebook. The desk mount is suitable for most notebooks.
By using an ergonomic mount neck- and back complaints can be avoided. Ideal for use in offices and on counters or in a reception area.
All installation material is included with the product. 

  • Screens: 1
  • Screen size: 10-22"
  • Max. weight: 15 kg
  • Depth: 0-57 cm
  • Height: 0-26 cm
  • Tilt: 30°
  • Swivel: 180°
Unit Gross Weight 5.27 kg
Colour Black
Shipping Box Depth 47 cm
Vendor Homepage http://en.newstar.eu/av-mounts/notebook-mounts/newstar-notebook-desk-mount/?alstart=0
Shipping Box Width 41.5 cm
Shipping box quantity 3
Unit Net Weight 4.7 kg
Shipping Box Weight 15.8 kg
Category Code NBA
Shipping Box Height 34.5 cm
Unit Brutto Volume 0.02243 cubm
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NB ACC DESK MOUNT 10-22"/NOTEBOOK-D100 NEOMOUNTS tai prekė esanti Aušinimo stovai ir laikikliai kategorijoje.