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The DellTM OptiPlex Micro VESA Mount allows for easy installation of OptiPlex Micro PC under a desk or on a wall using an industry-standard VESA mount. It features built-in cable management creates a cleaner with a more attractive workspace. This wall mounting option also reduces clutter by eliminating long cable runs from a desktop computer and hiding the necessary cables behind the display. Moreover, this mount lets you install OptiPlex Micro systems behind large-format displays, ideal for conference rooms where users share a system and collaborate via wireless keyboard and mouse. With all these features and more this mount integrates seamlessly with VESA compatible displays and wall mounts.
Unit Gross Weight 0.76 kg
Shipping Box Depth 22 cm
Vendor Homepage accessories.euro.dell.com/sna/PopupProductDetail.aspx?c=uk&l=en&cs=ukbsdt1&sku=482-BBBP&price=21.99
Shipping Box Height 6 cm
Shipping box quantity 1
Shipping Box Width 21 cm
Shipping Box Weight 0.76 kg
Unit Brutto Volume 0.002772 cubm
Unit Net Weight 0.54 kg
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