Fractal Design FD-FAN-DYN-GP14-WT Fan

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Noise level (high speed) 18.9dB
Width 140"
Type Fan
Gross weight 0.20kg
Maximum airflow 68.4cfm
Fan diameter 140"
Producer product name FD-FAN-DYN-GP14-WT
Gross width (mm) 145.00mm
Package depth 26"
Net weight 0.12kg
Product type
Embeeded battery No
Height 140"
Maximum spin speed 1000RPM
Warranty 24month(s)
Gross height (mm) 27.00mm
Package height 142"
Package weight 190oz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 140*140*25mmmm
Suitable for Computer case
WEEE tax No
Fan Speed: 1000 rpm *Noise: 18.9 * Max.Air flow: 68.4 CFM * Max. pressure 0.71 (mmH2O) *White blades, black frame* 3-pin header *7 blades
Tare weight (kg) 0.08kg
Maximum air pressure 0.71mmH2O
Other features Featuring hydraulic bearings - a cost-efficient compromise between a standard sleeve bearing and a true FDB bearingEquipped with a counter-balancing magnet in the hub that reduces the axial tension on the bearing, further protecting the longevity of the bearingOptimized fan geometry for a good balance between static pressure and maximum airflow, resulting in good performance in all usage scenariosAerodynamically shaped thin stator struts (including wire strut), mimicking the design commonly found on airplane wings, delivering correct angles allowing for air to easily pass through reducing noise and unwanted turbulence.Stator struts are angled perpendicular to the blades, helping to reduce noise commonly emitted when the blades pass the struts. In effect, minimal noise that may be emitted will be constant and therefore almost inaudible to the ear.Strategically placed notches near the fan hub on the trailing edge of the blades, further reducing and diffusing humming noise produced when the blades pass the stator strutsIncludes a "trip wire" on the rear side of the blades, near the leading edge. The trip wire technology, also commonly found in airplane wing designs, introduces a micro-turbulent layer that helps to combat the elements that negatively affect performance. The presence of the trip wire overall provides a more efficient and quiet fan environment.The customized design of the Dynamic Series fans contributes to a beautiful, cool buildAvailable in 120mm and 140mm fan sizes
Volume (m3) 0.00m³
Processor brand name
Depth 25"
Product name
Gross depth (mm) 205.00mm
Weight 142oz
Package width 200"
Colour of product White
Packing quantity 1.00pc(s)
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