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Lanberg's SATA II cable allows its users to achieve a data transfer rate of 3 Gb/s. Whenever you need a good and reliable connection between SATA drives and older desktop motherboards or controllers, this cabling solution is meant just for you.This particular internal cabling solution will find its use within home and office environments, as well as for industrial applications, server rooms, datacenters or control and surveillance systems.Metal clips at both ends of the cable make sure that this particular connection is fixed better to the end device's sockets, which is essence, allows users to avoid unexpected disconnection and provides them with greater protection of PC internal drives and other components, by maintaining an uninterrupted data signal.With the use of an angled sockets, it is possible to connect the cable to places usually unreachable or where the access of a straight-ended cable is very difficult.
Product Description Lanberg SATA cable - 30 cm
Type SATA cable
Interface Speed Serial ATA 150/300
Length 30 cm
Connector 7 pin Serial ATA - female - angled, latched
Connector (Second End) 7 pin Serial ATA - female - straight, latched
Colour Red
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