Kodas: CA-604B
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Humidifier with Ionizer CA-604B
Suitable: 55m² / 140m³ / 590ft²

 • Air humidification and air purification, refreshes and improves indoor air quality
 • 2-in1: Humidification & Purification System!
 • Permanent ceramic / nano-silver filter: no replacement filters needed!
 • Four functions: Humidification may be cool or warm / with or without air purification
 • Built-in digital hygrostat and adjustable output control give controlled humidification
 • Minimum humidity setting 45%, Maximum 90%
 • Target humidity can be regulated on the appliance
 • Built-in Ionizer purifies the air additionally and provides fresh air
 • 360° Rotatable jets for broader spray mist coverage
 • Operable with infrared remote control or buttons below the display
 • With LCD display and timer control for up to 12 hours of operation
 • Vitually silent operation ensures a quiet and restful sleep
 • The ultrasonic is hygienically flawless if cleaned regularly and the ceramic/nano-silver cartridge is cleaned as indicated
 • Permanent, easy to clean ceramic nano-silver filter for control of white dust, mould and bacteria
 • Safely and automatically shuts off when it runs out of water
 • Low water indicator notifies when to refill the tank
 • Large capacity water tank (6L/1.6 gallon) easy refills with normal tap water
 • Runs up to 7 nights or 60 ours without refilling (low setting)
 • Save money. No wicks or filters to replace!
 • Low power consumption 
Colour Black
Shipping Box Depth 27.5 cm
Shipping box quantity 1
Water capacity 6L
Hygrometer Yes
Shipping Box Width 27.5 cm
Noise level, max 25 dB
Unit Brutto Volume 0.02798 cubm
Dimensions 23 x 22 x 34 cm
Shipping Box Height 37 cm
Category Code HUM
Recommended for rooms up to 55 m2
Unit Gross Weight 3.26 kg
Vendor Homepage www.cleanairoptima.com/air-humidifiers/mg/48/
Unit Net Weight 3.1 kg
Filter type Permanent ceramic/nano-silver filter
Shipping Box Weight 3.26 kg
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