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Intelligent HEPA ionizer air purifier CA-509D
Suitable: 90m² / 225m³ / 965ft²

•    Optima Filter Technology/ 5OFT™ air purification system with smart sensor 
•    Prefilter catches bigger particles and fluff 
•    Active carbon filter neutralizes gases and smells 
•    TRUE HEPA filter class H13, filter surface 1,45m², filter capacity up to 99,97% / particle size >0,3 µm 
•    The antibacterial layer of nano silver coating on the HEPA filter eliminate bacteria and mould 
•    DUO ionizer > 10.000.000 negative ions / cm³, ozone free DIN EN 60335-2-65
•    Easy control panel with keys 
•    3 speeds for the fan for individual regulations of air stream 
•    The sleep mode purifies air without a sound and the light of the monitor is dimmed 
•    Fan settings: sleep, turbo, automatic 
•    Easy timer 1/2/4/8 selection hours 
•    Filter Life Monitoring with flashing LED signal on the reset key 
•    EFR (Easy Filter Replacement) means that the filters are easy to replace 
•    Child lock protects against unwanted use of the device 
•    Practical handle 
•    Compact tablet design 
•    Colour white, fitting into each interior 
•    Very silent 
Dimensions 37,4 x 20,1 x 59,4cm
Shipping Box Width 26 cm
Filter type Optima Filter Technology/ 5OFT
Unit Brutto Volume 0.0755 cubm
Recommended for rooms up to 90 m2
Unit Gross Weight 8.1 kg
Unit Net Weight 5 kg
Colour White
Shipping Box Weight 8.1 kg
Category Code HUM
Shipping Box Depth 44 cm
Shipping box quantity 1
Shipping Box Height 66 cm
Vendor Homepage www.cleanairoptima.com/air-purifiers/mg/39/
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