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Customisable touch screen keypad 7” (white front, silver frame, white back).

The INT-TSI keypad is a real command center for a smart alarm system. As its interface can be customized to individual user's needs, it provides a perfect solution both for people expecting ease of operation and for advanced users who make use of the extended system functionality.
•capacitive 7" touchscreen to facilitate system operation
•graphic intuitive operating interface, customizable to individual user's needs; an option to choose the flat design graphics (v1.04 or newer)
•MACRO functionality to implement a sequence of actions using a single command
•capability of viewing images from IP cameras (MJPG via HTTP and in v1.04: MPEG-4, H.264)
•MASTER/SLAVE operating mode available (v1.04 or newer)
•wide range of dedicated widgets for various functions, including weather widget to which forecast is downloaded from the openweathermap.org service (v1.04 or newer)
•scalability of the widget size (v1.04 or newer)
•capability to present the system state in the screensaver mode (v1.04 or newer)
•capability of saving the user interface configuration directly from TSI Builder program to keypad over Ethernet (v1.04 or newer)
Shipping Box Weight 0.595 kg
Unit Gross Weight 0.595 kg
Shipping Box Height 14.5 cm
Category Code SKP
Unit Brutto Volume 0.001305 cubm
Unit Net Weight 0.43 kg
Shipping Box Depth 22.5 cm
Colour White / Silver
Shipping box quantity 1
Vendor Homepage www.satel.pl/en/produktid/1017
Shipping Box Width 4 cm
Dimensions 196 x 129 x 22 mm
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KEYPAD TOUCHSCREEN INTEGRA/INT-TSI-WSW SATEL tai prekė esanti Apsauginės signalizacijos įranga kategorijoje.