Kodas: INT-VMG
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The INT-VMG module is designed for playback of voice messages in the facility, triggered by the control panel. It can be used to provide information and warning messages, as well as to make operation of the alarm system easier e.g. for the elderly or children. In addition, the ability to record any sound enables the module to be used to play back the specific warning sounds. The built-in amplifier allows direct connection of an external speaker, and the line output allows connection to the PA system in the building. Messages are recorded in the device memory using the delivered firmware with the written text to speech conversion feature, so there is no need for lector support when they are being recorded.

  • ability to record up to 32 messages
  • triggering messages with the INTEGRA alarm control panel or other external devices
  • built-in amplifier allows direct connection of a loudspeaker
  • line output for easy connection to a PA system
  • built-in USB port for quick programming with a computer
Shipping Box Weight 0.136 kg
Unit Brutto Volume 0.0006311 cubm
Unit Net Weight 0.08 kg
Shipping Box Depth 16.5 cm
Unit Gross Weight 0.136 kg
Shipping Box Height 4.5 cm
Category Code ADM
Power supply requirements 12 V DC
Shipping box quantity 1
Vendor Homepage www.satel.pl/en/produktid/737
Shipping Box Width 8.5 cm
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