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Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P / 15.6" Full HD Matinis ekranas / Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ / 8GB / 1TB + cache SSHD 8GB / NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M SLI 4GB / Bluetooth 4.0 / USB 3.0 / HDMI
Prekės kodas : 59-407446


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Intelligent Touchpad

Optimized for the new Windows 8 interface, the intelligent touchpad enables easy scroll, zoom and rotate functions for comfortable control of your laptop.

Premium JBL® Speakers with Dolby® Home Theater® v4

Increased audio clarity and maximized volume output without distortion — enjoy a crisp, clear immersive surround sound experience over built-in JBL®-designed stereo speakers or your own headphones.

S/PDIF Support

If you opt for digital sound output, you can rely on Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format (S/PDIF) to minimize audio loss.

Cool-Touch Metal Design

The brushed-metal exterior and metal speaker grilles give this laptop a high-performance look and feel to match the powerful components inside.

Backlit Accutype Keyboard

The AccuType keyboard boasts a modern look and feel with flatter, slightly curved keys that improve your comfort while increasing typing accuracy. And the standard backlighting makes typing easy in low-light conditions.

Always-On USB Port

Recharge a mobile device even when the laptop is powered off and unplugged.

Integrated 720p HD Webcam and Dual Digital Array Microphones

Crystal-clear video and audio, plus face-tracking, will help you chat with friends and family like you're really there.

Lenovo Cloud Storage

Protect your critical data, while also making access to information and file-sharing quick and convenient. Automatically back-up and synchronize data across your home, while enabling access from multiple devices. Data is encrypted on transfer, for an extra level of security.

Up to Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphics

Select models of the Y510p feature dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 755M 2GB graphics with use of Ultrabay.

Fast Data Transfer

Move data quickly between your laptop and other devices with USB 3.0, which enables up to ten times faster file transfer – allowing for lightning-fast copying of large media files as well as seamless connections between audio- and video-related peripherals. Or share your data wirelessly via optional Bluetooth®.

HDMI Output

For easy connection to a television or other display.

Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ

The Intel Core i7-4700MQ is a high-end quad-core processor for laptops. It is based on the Haswell architecture and manufactured in 22nm. Due to Hyperthreading, the four cores can handle up to eight threads in parallel leading to better utilization of the CPU. Each core offers a base speed of 2.4 GHz but can dynamically increase clock rates with Turbo Boost up to 3.2 GHz (for 4 active cores), 3.3 GHz (for 2 active cores) and 3.4 GHz (for 1 active core). Haswell is the successor to the Ivy Bridge architecture with improvements on both GPU and CPU performance. The CPUs are produced in 22nm and offer an optimized branch prediction as well as additional execution ports. Furthermore, new features like AVX2 and FMA should increase the performance in future applications. The performance of the Core i7-4700MQ is slightly above a similarly clocked Sandy Bridge processor due to the architectural improvements. As a result, overall performance is similar to the Ivy Bridge based Core i7-3740QM. The integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 offers 20 Execution Units (EUs) clocked at 400 MHz up to 1150 MHz with Turbo Boost, making it about 30 % faster than the HD 4000.


The NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M SLI is a high-end DirectX 11-compatible graphics solution for laptops, consisting of two GeForce GT 755M. Each card has a 28nm GK107 core based on the Kepler architecture. With SLI, each card usually renders a single frame (AFR mode).

Compared to the GeForce 750M, the 755M respectively 755M SLI is combined only with GDDR5 graphics memory and clocked slightly higher.

Thanks to the slighly higher clocks, the GT 755M SLI is somewhat faster than the former GT 750M SLI and performs similar to a single GeForce GTX 770M or GTX 680M. Depending on the game, there can be big differences here, depending on how well SLI scales in a particular case. Overall, most current games (as of 2013) can be played fluently in 1080p and (very) high settings.


Gamintojas LENOVO
Procesorius Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ / 6M Cache / 2.4 GHz / up to 3.40 GHz (NAUJAS 4-os kartos Haswell šeimos keturių branduolių procesorius)
Operatyvioji atmintis 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz
Diskinis kaupiklis 1TB + cache SSHD 8GB
Ekranas 15.6" FHD LED Matinis ekranas (1920x1080)
Vaizdo plokštė NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M SLI 4GB (GT 755M 2GBx2)
Baterija 4400 mAh, Up to 5 hrs
Bevielio tinklo plokštė 802.11 b/g/n
Integruota internetinė kamera HD 720P
Integruotas atminties kortelių skaitytuvas SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MS, MS-Pro
Bluetooth 4.0
Tinklo plokštė 1 GB LAN
Matmenys 387 x 259 x 15.5–36 mm
Svoris 2.7kg
Išplėtimo prievadai USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, audio in/out, VGA, HDMI
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